For the

On average, drivers login to their tracking pages 2 times, for every 3 texts they receive

And that is what ClaimWatch is about - there is nothing quite as rewarding as providing a system that keeps the driver well informed, and removing stress. That makes ClaimWatch a very powerful marketing tool for the bodyshop, and a highly informative service for the driver. If the driver is well informed - the bodyshop can stay focussed on repairing the car.

Key features

  • Cross platform compatible & unique driver web page
  • Ability to check the repair status 24/7
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Send questions to insurer or bodyshop
  • Download policy docs*
  • Pay excess online*
  • Customer Satisfaction form at end of repair

* New features

Drivers sometimes call ClaimWatch direct and many report the service reaches way beyond their expectations.
As an industry product with its main focus on the driver, it's no wonder we get calls from drivers - sometimes about logging in issues and sometimes about the service. We always refer the driver back to their home bodyshop, but it is useful to get their feedback on the service.